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Bonbon Compact Living Solutions, sofa, sofa beds.
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Sofa and sofa bed collection by Bonbon Design: Karine Vaucher 
  • COMFY SIDE, horizontal sofa bed
  • SOFT LUX, sofa bed 18cm Mattress
  • FLIP, sofa bunk bed
  • Only the best quality meccanisms
  • Delivered broken down for easy access
Any sofa that allows you to use your space in more practical way is a plus, one of  Bonbon's main goals are to help people to optimize there living space with innovative and multifunctional furniture, our collection of sofas and sofa beds are designed to be used everyday as your main sofa and every night as your main bed.  Made in Italy just outside Milano.
Pop ottoman bed Comfy sofas and sofa beds
POP Ottoman bed COMFY sofas and sofa bed
Comfy LUX sofa beds, Click to view Comfy Side sofa bed, Click to view
COMFY LUX (18 cm thick mattress) COMFY SIDE sofas and sofa bed   
Soft sofas and sofa beds, Click to view Soft LUX sofas and sofa beds, click to view
SOFT sofas and sofa bed SOFT LUX (18 cm thick mattress)
Soft E sofa bed, Click to view Flip sofa bunk bed
SOFT E (Electric mechanism) FLIP sofa bunk bed
Flip 2 sofa bunk bed, Click to view  
FLIP 2 sofa bunk bed  

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