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The US Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, possibly the most famous American real estate agents on TV, were faced with a new incredible challenge: turning a tiny garage into an elegant and multi-functional guest house for one of the world’s greatest movie stars.   

The show features home renovations on behalf of important celebrities as a gesture of appreciation towards people that play an important role in their lives. But what happens when the Scott twins are called into action by no less than Brad Pitt, Hollywood’s brightest star? Yes, you read it right, that Brad Pitt. This is the how of one of the most original collaborations to ever appear on the television screen has become an Oscar-worthy project! The presence of our multi-functional designs and surprising furniture solutions further enhances the uniqueness of this project. From a garage to a multi-functional guest house in just 37 sqm

In the debut episode, Jonathan and Drew help Brad Pitt transform a detached and underutilized garage into a magnificent guest house, for his makeup artist and friend for over 30 years, Jean Ann Black (considered by GQ magazine to be Brad’s “secret weapon”). 

Jean’s garage in Santa Monica, California, has an area of just 37 sqm, a space far too small to accommodate all the items on Brad’s wishlist: a full kitchen, living area, sleeping area for guests, bathroom, professional makeup station, and extra storage space to keep Jean’s bulky “tools of the trade”.

A task «with extraordinary potential and yet incredibly demanding», as Brad pointed out. However, the Scott twins have an ace up their sleeves: transforming and multi-functional furniture.

Drew and Jonathan already know about the impact of space-saving furniture solutions in transforming very small spaces into elegant multi-functional environments. Several years ago, Drew himself decided to furnish the small and narrow attic of his home in California with our revolving model LGM, a bookshelf that turns into a double bed, able to create a private study and a guest room in just a few square meters. ( link to our LGM swivel wall bed )

Having firsthand experience of the advantages of designing small spaces, the Scott brothers had no doubts: the versatility of our transforming furniture is what it takes to cross out the items on Brad’s wishlist!

Swing, the multi-functional solution for the living and sleeping areas

In the second part of the episode, when the structural works of the annex are almost completed, we see Jonathan and Drew looking for a furnishing solution able to fit a comfortable living and sleeping area in a small space. 

They were particularly impressed by our Swing, a transforming system featuring a foldaway double bed and a sofa integrated with an equipped storage and a bookshelf. By pulling the pivoting shelf, a ready-to-use double bed instantly appears, turning the living area into a sleeping area for the guests. 

Swing Clei


The sofa wall bed version that was chosen by the Scott brothers also features a comfortable and retractable chaise longue, there is also a clever storage compartment under the seat.

Swing Clei


The solutions were chosen by the Scotts to impress both the magnetic Brad Pitt and Jean Black when, by the end of the episode, in between emotions and awe, the final result is unveiled. The old 37 sqm garage has given way to a luxurious guest house where, thanks to the Swing multi-functional system, Jane can now easily accommodate her guests without compromising on comfort in the relaxation area. 

Property Brothers and Brad Pitt

Among genuine smiles and unscripted jokes, we are deeply moved by Brad Pitt and his friend showing their sincere friendship – a unique and authentic moment that we rarely get to witness from a big-screen celebrity. 

Link to the full episode 


If this project has inspired you, and you wish to fully exploit the space in your home, give us a ring.

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Models are shown in the above photos, Swing sofa wall bed and the Cubic coffee to dining table.

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