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An inspirational and colourful personality, Verner Panton was a unique individual with an extraordinary sense of colour, shape, light, function and space. A designer with a clear attitude to his work, he was inspired by the world around him and used combinations of materials that were unique for his era. Today the Verpan Collection incorporates classic designs from the �60�s through to the �80�s, reproducing them for the 21st century. This only serves to emphasise their relevance and importance within modern tastes and design desires.




Panto Pendant, 1977 (Diameter 40cm)   Panto Pendant, 1977 (Diameter 50cm)   VP Globe, 1969
(Diameter 40cm)
VP004 VP003 VP002
�1,775.00 � 1,875.00 �1,775.00



VP Globe, 1969
(Diameter 50cm)
  Spiral Lamp
  Spiral Lamp
VP001 VP014 VP013
� 1,875.00 � 725.00 �1,125.00



Fun Lamp, 1964
(Sea Shell)
  Fun Lamp, 1964
  Panton Small Pendant
Brushed Alu
VP009 VP005 VP021
� 645.00 � 885.00 �175.00



Panton Medium Pendant
Brushed Alu
� 265.00


Panton Medium Pendant
Brushed Alu
      VP Spy
50cm diameter
VP020 VP022
� 245.00 �1,165.00



VP Silver Spiral Single
  VP Silver Spiral Double
  VP Silver Spiral Triple
VP039 VP040 VP028
� 1,725.00 � 2,725.00 �3,525.00



VP White Spiral Single
  VP White Spiral Double
  VP White Spiral Triple
VP041 VP040 VP043
� 1,225.00 � 1,825.00 �2,525.00




Ball Pendant
  Ball Pendant
Red and Orange
VP037 VP036
� 835.00 � 835.00




Fun 3 triple sea shell
  Fun 8 Sea Shell
Grand Chandelier
VP034 VP035
� 4,945.00 � 13,945.00

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