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The rollers are an integral part of the base ring and so cannot be added to a standard swopper at a later date.

Dynamic backrest

The convex shape of the seat and the special CARE cover provide optimum sitting comfort.

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Titan Swopper Micro fibre

Micro fibler seat cover in, Royal blue, Ferrari red, terracotta, smoke grey, onyx black.
Base ring is titanium powder-coated.
Spring is the same colour as the seat cover

Price: £ 570.00

Titan Swopper Leather

With Premium leather seat cover in onyx black.
Base ring is titanium powder-coated
Spring is black
Price: £ 600.00

Technical Data


Control stamp:

T�V: M97 114 85 E01

The "swopper" bears the GS sympol as a chair object. This means that it complies with device safety regulations and can be used anywhere, including offices and public institutions. The "swopper" is fully recyclable (*with the exception of the gas operated compression spring)


45 - 68 cm 
40 cm
55 cm

Diameter (seat)
Diameter (base ring) 


11 kg

Load capacity:

60 kg - 120 kg

Materials used:

Aluminium die casting, plastic injection moulding, steel, foamed material.
Seat cover: Alcantara or eco-leather

 Seal "Safety test"

Have you "swopped" today?


The "swopper" is fun, and promotes fitness and health.


It is good for your back.


It keeps your intervertebral discs resilient and better able to handle strenuous activity.


It very gently exercises all of your muscles.


It promotes your circulation.


It keeps your joints fit and prevents
wear and tear on the joints.


It actively prevents thromboses

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