The best every day sofa beds guaranteed

The best every day sofa beds guaranteed

We are experts in compact living and sofa beds are one of the products we love to show and sell. We get asked daily if sofa bed can be used everyday as the main bed and our answer is a clear YES our sofa beds are designed for the purpose to be open and closed daily, our collection of mattresses are especially made for the sofa beds we sell and can be up to 18 cm thick. We have the best sofa beds in the world that are made for everyday use both as sofas and beds.

Need more space in the kids bedrooms to free up the space for games and play, or an electric sofa bed that is easy to open for the granny flat we have them all, we even have the most amazing sofas that converts into bunk beds.

There are many companies, magazines and designers that frequently makes listings of what they think are the best sofa beds on the market, we can guarantee that if you do not find our sofas on that list they have not done their research properly.

Karine Gunnarsson-Vaucher
Founding Director, Interior and furniture Designer

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  • Karine Gunnarsson-Vaucher