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The rollers are an integral part of the base ring and so cannot be added to a standard swopper at a later date.

Dynamic backrest

The convex shape of the seat and the special CARE cover provide optimum sitting comfort.

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Swopper Girl
Swopper Boy

Measurements (all models)
Base: 55cm (21.5" in) diameter
Cushion: 41cm (16" in) diameter
Height: 55 to 70cm (22" to 27.5"in) adjustable, without a person sitting on the Swopper.
Weight: 10,5Kg (23 lbs)

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Swopper Standard Swopper Classic Swopper work
Softex upholstery Micro fiber or leather upholstery Packaged product

Swopper Work

from 475.00

from 530.00

from 645.00

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Swopper Care Swopper Saddle
Developed for medical areas Micro fiber or leather upholstery

Swopper Care

Swopper Saddle

from 560.00

from 530.00

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Have you "swopped" today?


The "swopper" is fun, and promotes fitness and health.



It is good for your back.


It keeps your intervertebral discs resilient and better able to handle strenuous activity.


It very gently exercises all of your muscles.


It promotes your circulation.


It keeps your joints fit and prevents
wear and tear on the joints.


It actively prevents thromboses

The "swopper"
For the benefit of your back


The "swopper" was developed to prevent and relieve back problems and tensions. It is the only seat in the world that can adapt to all three dimensions of human movement. This means that the "swopper" moves forward, backward, sideways, all the way around, and - this is the remarkable part - up and down as well!

This is the basis for uniquely beneficial health effects. For the first time, a person no longer needs to lean forward towards the table and bend his spine in order to work - the "swopper's" flexible centre column can bend forward, the spine retains its natural "double S" shape and there is no one-sided pressure on your intervertebral discs.


The most important advantages of the "swopper":


You always sit correctly on the "swopper" automatically. Sitting evenly ensures maintenance of the spine's natural "double S" shape, a posture in which the intervertebral discs are placed evenly under shifting pressure and not in a one-sided way, such as when sitting with a rounded back. In addition, due to the swaying motions on the "swopper" and the compensating movements from side to side, the intervertebral discs are always placed under and relieved from pressure. This ensures proper metabolic action and nutrition of the intervertebral discs.

While sitting on the "swopper", back, abdominal and skeletal muscles are minimally, yet constantly active. Muscles working dynamically do not tense up, tire less quickly, are better supplied with blood and also remain lightly exercised at all times.


The most important advantages of the "swopper":


Due to the arched seat of the "swopper" and its ability to tilt, no pressure points result on the underside of the thigh and so there is no congestion in the veins, which prevents varicose veins, haemorrhoids and thromboses.


The hip, knee and ankle joints are kept flexible as well. This helps to prevent and alleviate arthrosis.


The micro-movements while sitting on the "swopper" are sufficient to provide gentle circulatory stimulation. An upright posture while seated also promotes deeper breathing, which, in turn, enriches the blood with more oxygen. This, in turn, promotes your powers of concentration and productivity and all in all increases your general wellbeing.


Are you still sitting

or are you already swopping?


Back pain ist out...

The "swopper" is in!

Sitting the wrong way is the main
reason for many back problems and
tensions of our time.

A new sit-down concept puts an end to
rigid sitting: The "swopper".
It keeps the back fit and healthy.
And it's fun as well!










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