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- The best everyday sofa bed, 18 cm thick mattress -
COMFY LUX sofas and sofa beds Design by Kassandra "Bonbon" Vaucher
Comfy LUX sofa bed
  • Comfy Lux everyday as a sofa
  • Comfy Lux everyday as a bed
  • 18cm thick mattress
  • Comfy Lux Best sofa bed for everyday use

The Comfy Luxury sofa bed our very best option if you are looking for an everyday sofa bed, the standard spring mattress is full 18 cm (7.09 in) thick and the top of the range mechanism converts the sofa into and everyday bed without the need to remove any of the seat or feather filled back cushions. The Comfy LUX can also be fitted with a chaiselonge with under seat storage.  Covers are completely removable and washable according to the fabric chosen.

Bonbon Sofa bed

Sofa bed opening system
The sofa converts into an everyday bed without effort, simply pull the back rest forward and let the bed rollout, the seat or back cushions does not have to be removed.

The sofa bed is delivered broken down for easy access.

Mattress options
Comfy Spring Mattress Standard Spring Mattress
Support is achieved by hourglass-shaped springs held together in rows by spiral helical wires.
Medium to soft comfort.
18cm thick
Comfy foam mattress Performance foam Mattress
A high performance foam especially developed to be used with folding mechanisms.
Medium comfort
17cm thick
Armrest options
Comfy sofa bed thin armrest Comfy sofa bed medium armrest Comfy sofa bed thick armrest
S - 3cm arm M - 13cm arm L - 23cm arm

We have several different categories of both fabrics and leathers, most of our sofas have lose covers, some fabrics can be pre washed on request, this allows you to wash them in your machine, we can also produce any of our models in your own fabric.

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Comfy lux sofa bed sizes
Video, (video is showing the standard Comfy sofa bed)
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