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January 2018
The Soft E and Comfy E sofa beds.
The Comfy E and Soft E electric sofa bed converts into every day beds with the touch of a button, the standard spring mattress is 15cm (5.91in) thick, in Soft E there is a pillow storage hidden inside the back cushions.  The top of the range mechanism converts the sofa without the need to remove any of the seat or back cushions. Covers are completely removable and washable according to the fabric chosen.
June 2017
The Comfy side sofa bed.
Our first horizontal sofa bed designed to suit narrow rooms, a simple mechanism converts the sofa into a comfy double bed . The covers are fully removable and can be washed or dry-cleaned depending on the fabric selected. Comfy side can also be made as a fixed sofa, the model is delivered completely disassembled for an easy delivery.
Comfy side sofa bed
April 2015
The Milano Furniture fair, presenting new models
Mar 2015
Flip sofa bunk bed
The Flip sofa bunk bed converts into and everyday bunk bed with a wood-slatted bed base, it is supplied with 12cm thick spring mattresses as standard, foam mattresses are available as an options, three different arm options low, high and wide and all covers are completely removable and washable according to the fabric chosen. Click for further information
Mar 2015
Bonbon at the Ideal Home Show

The Gap House has been designed to demonstrate that by facilitating smaller areas in urban environments, where living space is at a premium, we can create unique, innovative and exciting spaces to live. The living space in the Gap House is only just over 3 metres wide – similar to that of a garage or allotment space – and is intended to fit into a gap between two buildings. As the need for housing is growing people are building up instead of out in many urban areas, which creates some unique design challenges. Sophie de Castro has crammed the house with space saving ideas, from convertible, multifunctional furniture to clever lighting solutions. Take ideas away for your own living spaces from the ingenious spatial planning and zoning techniques as well as the use of space and light within each room, which de Castro has carefully considered to make sure it uses every inch of space to its maximum potential.

Almost the whole layout is kept open plan to enable the most flexible living area and the sitting and dining room have been moved to the first floor to allow more light into the living space, keeping all utilities on the ground floor. On the 2nd floor the space has been opened up, avoiding light-blocking solid walls and installing bi-fold doors in the master bedroom to enable full use of the majority of the floor space upstairs. A foldaway bed that converts into a study area in the spare room creates a multipurpose room and a James Grace glass staircase optimises the light that flows in from the windows.

  • Ideal Home Show 2015
  • The Gap house at the Ideal Home Show
  • Cabrio Wall bed with desk
  • Cabrio Wall bed with besk
  • Box coffee / dining table
  • Comfy sofa and sofa bed
Jan 2015
The Bonbon "COMFY" sofa beds and sofas
The new Bonbon sofas and sofa beds designed by Kassandra "Bonbon" Gunnarsson-Vaucher, made for everyday and night.   click for further information
April 2014
The Milan Furniture fair 2014
Video showing the Clei stand, new models soon to be online , click to view our wall bed collection

December 2014
Sofa beds and wall beds in stock
We still have a few sofa beds and wall beds in stock for delivery before the holidays, click to view our stock list.
sofa beds for delivery before the holidays
April 2013
The Milan Furniture Fair 2013
Ecooking, Compact Kitchen design

Ecooking is a vertical kitchen designed to make the most of the electrical appliance area where it is also intended for eating. Starting with the assumption that space is an expensive and precious commodity even in terms of Eco-sustainability its containment leads to indispensable savings.

In the same way a size reduction of the modules results in a decrease of component and material wastage, and therefore an energy consumption saving in their manufacture. Saving space and material realises an improved exploitation of resources and with less waste approaches the conditions of eco-sustainability that designers strive for.

The focus is on the product’s sensory appearance in lacquered wood finish, pleasant to touch and giving a technological aspect. Even for the different functions of the visible appliances, such as the microwave and the handy retractable tap that disappears into the sink allowing the rotation and closure of the module in question.

Everything in one element that is extremely compact that does not force you to renounce anything: a large refrigerator, an integrated cooking system (induction hob and microwave), systems for rinsing and washing (sink and dishwasher with adequate capacity) without giving up the possibility of a good cup of coffee after the meal. A "totem pole" of seventy by seventy centimetres, with a height that varies from a minimum of two meters up to the ceiling of the room. Ideal for positioning as an island but that does not discount the possibility to be against the wall of the room.

The rotating hood contains a light that follows you while operating around the column and softens in different shades at lunchtime and when using the extractable tables. When instead you are preparing the food, the light is calibrated to provide optimum lighting on the work surfaces. In the hood the air treatment system, based on nanomaterials of titanium dioxide, for the purifies the ambient air and is capable of purifying a medium sized room in a few hours.

The various appliances that are close to each other can easily interact and exchange heat, moisture and cooling with one another and with the environment to save energy. A characteristic element of the module, which integrates the production of electrical energy, is the solar panels that are positioned in the various upper modules (for which reason a position in front of a window is advised), capable of powering parts of the appliances independently.

A small vertical wall used as a vegetable garden, allows the cultivation of aromatic plants for day to day usage, whose growth is enhanced by controlled lighting and temperature. This allows you to always have fresh spices and essences, without the need to go into the garden of the house or the grocery store.

The moving parts rotate around a central pivot which also forms the exhaust pipe of the dishwasher and sink. This rotation allows the development of a complete kitchen: the sink is flanked by the hob and supported by the work surface. Additionally, in advanced versions, you can have a double folding surface that allows you to have a real table for lunch (or dinner) with company.

Slide show

Ecooking "compact Kitchen"
March 2013

The Ideal Home Show's main attractions 2013
Only Fools and Horses at the Ideal home show

Del Boy's living room gets a lovely jubbly makeover.


Del Boy and Rodney Trotter's famous Peckham council flat from TV's Only Fools and Horses is to be given a modern day facelift, as part of an initiative to show how a typical urban flat can be transformed into a multi-purpose living space at this year's Ideal Home Show.

Fans of Only Fools and Horses will get the chance to walk around the Trotters' front room
The flat will be built as a replica and will be fully kitted out with the original psychedelic carpet taken from the TV series and will feature the same colourful curtains and 1980's fittings, including the famous living room bar.

The modern re-fit shows what the Nelson Mandela house flat could look like today, by Bonbon
The replica flat will sit alongside a second property which will be completely modernised and upgraded in the ultimate transformation by TV presenter and architect George Clarke using furniture by Bonbon Compact Living to create a dynamic and multifunctional modern home for city dwellers.

With the before and after Ideal Re-Fit, George Clarke will demonstrate to homeowners how to rearrange, and reorganise the space to make it more efficient and functional.

The build structure, footprint and fascia of the Ideal Re-Fit flat will be exactly the same as the original 1980's home, retaining the core personality of the iconic TV flat, whilst the internal layout of the refit will be modified and brought up to date to reflect the demands of 21st Century living.

With clever planning and creative use of contemporary and adaptable fixtures and fittings, George's Ideal Re-fit demonstrates how a bit of creativity can go a long way towards moving and changing each room into a fully equipped, multifunctional living space.

George Clarke & John Challis who stars as Boycie will officially open the flat to the public at 10.00am on Friday 15th March.

Only Fools and Horses first aired in 1981 and there were 64 episodes in total. In 2004 it was voted Britain's Best Sitcom in a BBC poll


Jan 2013
MakingRoom: New Models for Housing New Yorkers
CLEI  is one of the major sponsors of MAKING ROOM : NEW MODELS FOR HOUSING NEW YORKERS, an exhibition opening from Jan 23 to Sept 15, 2013 at the “Museum of the City of New York”. One of the exhibition highlights is LAUNCHPAD, a jewel box studio apartment of 325 square feet furnished with multifunctional integrated systems from CLEI , designed by Architect Pierluigi Colombo : a luxurious European-style living in a New York City footprint.

Product News,
Cubista space saver CUBISTA OTTOMAN

This cleaver little ottoman can be converted into 5 stools, each side detach and is then paired with one of the bases hidden inside the ottomans structure.

Click here for more information.

When closed, Flatmate has a floor area of just 0.09 m², therefore making it probably the smallest fully equipped bureau on the market.

Click here for more information.
2012 News
Milano Ottoman Bed Collection >>>

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